Grindstone Game Tips and Tricks – 2023 Levels Explained

Currently, the game Grindstone, which consists of puzzle battles with swords, is among the favorites. In it, Jorj is on the hunt for riches in Grindstone Mountain. Jorj has to match the enemies of the same shade and shoot them down, which will cause precious grindstones to fall from the inner walls of the mountain. Your journey in this game can certainly be more enjoyable if you keep in mind the following effective tips and tricks that never fail.

Grindstone’s guide on the best tips and tricks to make your experience unbeatable.

Chaining basics you need to know.
Since Jorj can only initiate a chain attack from the single-colored monsters around him, the key to winning is to chain monsters of the same color. You can do this easily by being aware of how to manipulate the chain and the board.

To notice the spawning of a tooth, you need to kill ten monsters or more. At first, you can notice that large chains are easy to do, but as you progress, this action will become more difficult. Also, when an enemy is eliminated, Jorj’s position will be in the place where it was placed. You will notice that all empty places are filled with monsters.

Purposefully filling sections of the board with the same type of monsters can help make large chains on the boards that reflect more complexity. Be sure to test this with the monsters that are present on the board, because the monsters at the top are chosen randomly.

Effective multichains

The limits of chains no longer exist when a grind becomes apparent. Moves can become a wild card when the grindstones are cast in a chain, allowing the player to retarget a monster of any color for the next attacks. The “chain snowball” can be activated if you concentrate on creating a grindstone. When one is created, it will randomly appear on the board tile. There is no need to choose the grinding stone, because it is always automatically collected.

Acquisition of new equipment and materials

When you have reached a few levels, the equipment system and armory will be unlocked. In total, there are four types of equipment: swords, shields, arrows and potions. Jorj can take advantage of the swords to use special attacks. Shields defend Jorj from attacks that manifest when his turn ends. Arrows can cause special effects on enemies or damage them from afar. Potions grant special effects.

Once the level is completed, shields and swords are automatically recharged. Arrows and potions, on the other hand, must be recharged using materials. In order for Jorj to acquire new equipment, he has to find blueprints that are obscured within certain levels. Remember that to craft new equipment, monster parts and raw materials must be gathered.

The strategies of the bosses must be different
If you advance far enough in the game, you will encounter a boss battle. The strategy implemented on the typical enemy is not enough when it comes to these guys. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully analyze the environment.

Make your experience even more great The tips and tricks mentioned above have been of great help. Go ahead and put them into practice when playing this fascinating game to make your experience even greater.

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